We campaign for global learning goals so we can all learn the knowledge, skills, and character needed to be 21st Century global citizens.

Why the world needs Global Learning Goals

Education isn’t working for global learners.

We have interviewed learners, education experts, teachers, politicians, and employers from across the world, and they agreed that:

  • Internet penetration allows us to imagine that young people anywhere could access the best resources.
  • Yet education varies hugely in quality, fails to share the delight and magic of learning, and is rarely connected to the demands of the future economy.
  • Content and assessment focuses on classic academic knowledge rather than character and skills.
  • Most children are taught in ‘factory’ schools, and 75m kids worldwide are not receiving any formal education at all.

So we need to redefine what learning is about in the 21st century, drawing on all the excellent work already underway by others in this movement.

If humanity fails to take on this challenge, a generation won’t be equipped to thrive on the move, or in a rapidly changing economy. We may not find the ingenuity, ideas and individuals who can help us meet the challenges ahead, and distrust, apathy and extremism will grow

What we do at Towards Global Learning Goals

Towards Global Learning Goals is a network that aims to create greater equality of opportunity, to develop the skills needed to thrive in a new economy, and to make it easier for people on the move to adapt. We are seized with the urgency of change.

Based on our research and analysis of the problem, we have proposed nine global learning goals, designed around:


Passing on the essential wisdom of centuries about how humanity developed and the planet we live on


Developing the skills needed for the 21st century, including how to build, learn, adapt and manage our lives


Character education that helps us be curious, creative and courageous

We are now building the coalitions needed to discuss, refine and ultimately implement these goals for learners across the world.

1st report – the problem:

The World Needs Global Learning Goals

2nd report – the solutions:

Kindling the Flame

3rd report – the plan:

From Ferment to Fusion

Why is this project needed?

At its core, this is a challenge of politics rather than education. States tend to guard control of their education systems, rather than help young people become global citizens. The international policy debate is hijacked by disagreements over badging and ownership of innovation.

So we need to create new coalitions for change. The pioneering educators and governments. Businesses that want to see people better equipped with the skills they need. Parents who want their children to thrive. And most importantly young people themselves, who can lead a learning revolution.

Why is this project different?

We are an unaffiliated and totally inclusive group. Some are educators, technologists, business people, diplomats and advocacy specialists. There is no agenda other than the need for rapid change.

We want to give a voice and a platform to those who can debate and answer the questions that divide opinions on global education. We’re starting with these eight challenges:

  1. How can we ensure talismanic education pioneers are heard?
  2. How can pioneer governments generate peer pressure for change?
  3. How can business support a second learning renaissance?
  4. How can the global architecture create the right environment for reform?
  5. How can universities and unions become part of the solution, not part of the problem?
  6. How can we get parents’ support for passing on skills to thrive, not just passing exams?
  7. How can young people move from consumers to producers of their education?
  8. Show Me The Money.

We are working towards a shared understanding of these challenges. Our goal is to provide the next generation with the opportunity to work out the right answers.

How can I get involved?

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